#HolidayGiftGuide Kawaii Crush Hyper Happy Mall Playset & Doll Review

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I am usually in the know when it comes to new toys, but the newest Kawaii Crush line of toys is all new to me. Kawaii Crush is an adorable toy line from Spin Master. Kawaii means cute and that they are! Each Kawaii girl has a crush on their favorite things where they show this through their fashions, lifestyle and accessories. There are four main characters; Amanda Panda Pop, Katie Cat Meow Meow, Sunny Bunny Hop Hop and Owlena Hoot Hoot. However, there are many additional dolls that can be purchased separately. Even their names show their crush, can you guess?
kawaii crush toys and dolls
We received the Kawaii Crush Hyper Happy Mall. This playset has so much for children to do. The mall features five places for the Kawaii girls to hangout and shop.

kawaii crush hyper happy mall playset

When setup, to the left is a pet shop which includes fun accessories and 3 pets. There is a cat bed, rabbit house, and basic props to wash those pets at the grooming station including shampoo, brush and sink. When the pets have been groomed, add headbands to complete their look.

kawaii crush toys and dolls

Now it is time to take a stroll down the mall hallway to the fun shopping boutique. Here girls can choose an outfit from the clothing rack from the several that are included. The girls can also accessorize with stylish shoes, hats as they see them on the mannequin first. When ready, it is time to checkout at the cash register!

kawaii crush toys and dolls

Even Kawaii Girls get hungry, so now it is time to hit the elevator

kawaii crush toys and dolls

to go up to the next level for a bite to eat at the burger snack bar. Take a seat at the table and chairs and enjoy a hamburger, french fries and a drink. The snack bar is shaped like a charming burger joint!

kawaii crush hyper happy mall toy playset

Before going home, head to the photo booth and snap some photos of the fun day at the shopping mall. The photo booth area includes a photo backdrop and curtain.

The Hyper Happy Mall include Hollie-Mollie Shop Shop.

Zoe has really enjoyed playing with this set especially with her cousin who visits often. The accessories are very small, so they do fall over easily and can get lost quickly. Since accessories are small, please be sure to keep stored away from younger children. Ours are being kept in a baggie for storage. The girls clothing, shoes and hats are removable. The clothing, hair and shoes are made out of a flexible rubber type material. The bodies of Kawaii Crush dolls are tiny. The arms and legs are smaller then their heads so they won’t stand well. They have to have on footwear to stand but we still had troubles. Hollie-Mollie Shop Shop arrives with high platform shoes, which do help. Also, Hollie-Mollie Shop Shop has a side ponytail that is long, so she can’t even sit because her ponytail gets in the way. As far as articulation, there is none besides bending at their midsection to sit or stand oh their heads spin as well. All this being said, Zoe wants more.

kawaii crush toys and dolls

The dolls and fun cute graphics are going to appeal to girls.  I do feel age 4 may be a tad young, I’d say the set would be suitable for children 5+ due to small pieces.

We also receive an additional Kawaii Crush Doll; Kawaii Crush Sunny Bunny Hop Hop Cuddly Pet Collection. Just like her name suggests, she loves bunnies. Oh and her hair accessories, shoes, hat and skirt all display bunnies. She arrives with her pet bunny and an additional bunny hat.

Kawaii Crush Sunny Bunny Hop Hop Cuddly Pet Collection

Her pet bunny has a matching hat as well. She’s been shopping at the mall with Hollie-Mollie Shop Shop having so much fun! But when she heads back home, it is all about her and her pet bunny. They like to make carrot cupcakes!

Will I buy more? Absolutely! Zoe wants to add to her collection. The dolls would make perfect stocking stuffer gifts to add to a girl’s Kawaii Crush Collection. They are adorable dolls with appeal as they have a pet that shows their crush. We are interested in the larger dolls where you can actually style their hair!

For more information on the Kawaii Crush line of toys and playsets visit www.kawaiicrush.com


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