K’NEX Top Gear Building Set and Mario Vs. Piranha Plant Building Set Review

K'nex logoI absolutely love when brands release a product from TV shows, games or cartoons my children adore.  A recent television show that my husband has been watching and Gav loves just as much is Top Gear (the US version).  The show is a popular series in the UK that hit America’s History channel in 2010.  Never watched it?  You should!  These guys test vehicles, race around tracks (at high speed), perform crazy yet entertaining challenges, and are humorous!

K'NEX Top Gear Building SetsK’NEX has recently introduced their Top Gear Building Sets from the hit television series and we got a chance to check them out.  The Stig’s Attack Copter/off Roader Building Set is a 277 piece set with two toys in one.  Similar to any K’NEX set there are colored parts, I highly suggest arranging all parts on the floor before beginning making certain all pieces are there before starting the models.  K'NEX Toys Top Gear Building SetsAlso by doing this, it will make it much easier to find pieces to create the model.  Once verified, follow the step-by-step instructions in the provided booklet to assemble the toys.  The directions are always easy to follow and are numbered in the booklet by steps.  Children love that they can follow directions to create the toy shown on the front of the box.  The pieces snap together fairly easily allowing children to create the masterpieces themselves.  After a bit of work, Gavyn and I had the models built and ready to play.  k'nex toys top gear building setThe Off Road vehicle and Copter feature Stig and pilot figures, and actually move.  The vehicle has wheels that rotate when pushed and the copter has blades that rotate manually.  Also the copter has three missiles that attach to the missile launcher to launch the soft darts.  This building set also has missile targets to fire the missile at. knex top gearGavyn enjoys arranging the targets, removing the missile launcher to launch at the targets. Children will also enjoy adding the stickers to the vehicles and can add to their collection with additional Top Gear K’NEX products such as race cars, tracks, motorbikes and more.   The Top Gear lines are definitely fun and exciting building sets for boys 7+.

K'NEX Mario KartK’NEX also sent us the Mario Vs Piranha Plant building set from the very popular Mario Kart game that my children play all the time.  This building set is just one collection from the K’NEX Mario Kart sets.  This one features Mario and his sprinter kart, the piranha that moves to create an obstacle, mushroom and green turtle shells and the 6 piece track.  The set is only 126 pieces and fairly simple for children to assemble alone.  K'NEX Mario KartOnce we built it the kids were disappointed that the entire track isn’t full without the additional sets.  There are several building sets to purchase to combine the tracks to make a large race track.  That being said, with only this one set Mario’s kart (which is battery operated), whizzes around the track quickly, but then flies off as there is no more track to race on.  He will race around your home; children do get a kick out of this.  The piranha plant is assembled with a rubber band, and when the “mushroom” type lever is pushed, he moves forward to delay Mario.  K'NEX Mario Kart setsAlthough, the set is not complete, this now gives us something to look forward to in the future.  The complete race track must be a blast for children to see characters they race on the Wii, come to life in the living room.  The Mario Vs. Piranha Plant building set is recommended for children ages 6+.

K’NEX toys are exciting building sets for children.  They have products for children as young as preschool through adult.  Both products can be purchased by visiting www.knex.com and while visiting check out their 20th anniversary page where they are celebrating all year long with huge prizes, games to win K’NEX building sets, trip sweepstakes and more.

Disclosure:  Products received from K’NEX for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own.


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