K’NEXmen Mystery Figures and NEW SUPER MARIO BROS® Wii: Mystery Figure Bags Review

K’NEX provided complimentary products for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own.

k'nex mystery figures

If you have K’NEX fans in your home, that enjoy creating with the fabulous construction toys, then I would highly recommend adding to your children’s collection with K’NEXmen Mystery Figures and NEW SUPER MARIO BROS® Wii: Mystery Figure Bags.

k'nexmen mystery figures series 1

K’NEXmen Mystery Figures are easy to assemble packs of men, that are in a sealed in a mystery pack featuring two different figures, it is all a secret as to who you will get. The first series feature 16 different figures across many themes including pirates, pilots, race car drivers, zombies and more.

k'nexmen mystery figures series 1

We received three 2 K’NEXmen Mystery Figure packs from Series 1, each including two men. These are very easy to assemble with minimal steps. Place the body on the feet, the head on the body and add the head gear and weapon. That’s it. Each figure has jointed elbows and knees making them able to stand or sit.

k'nexmen mystery figures series 1

The suspense of opening the bag was exciting for both children. They are small figures, so can be used as figures for all K’NEX building sets and vehicles. Be sure to keep the paper inside the bag as you can check mark which K’NEXmen you’ve received. This also shows common, rare and elite figures. Collect them all and if your children have friends that are fans of K’NEX these will make fabulous collector items.

K’NEXmen are a recent winner of the 2013 Tillywig Best Creative Fun Award and are recommended for children 5+ retailing for $2.99 each.

knex NEW SUPER MARIO BROS Wii Mystery Figure Bags

We also checked out the NEW SUPER MARIO BROS® Wii: Mystery Figure Bags. Similar to K’NEXmen, these are buildable figures with nine favorite Super Mario Bros. Characters. Each set includes 1 figure which may include Regular Mario™, Fire Mario™, Regular Luigi™, Ice Luigi™, Blue Yoshi™, Yellow Yoshi™, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad or Princess Peach. If you own any Mario K’NEX product, these are compatible with the entire Mario line of products at K’NEX.
knex NEW SUPER MARIO BROS Wii Mystery Figure Bags
They have three pieces that snap easily together; head, body and legs. It took about 5 seconds to construct these adorable figures.

knex NEW SUPER MARIO BROS Wii Mystery Figure Bags

Children can collect, play and transport them anywhere as they are miniature. Again, these are mystery figures, so you’ll never know who you may get. Recommended for children 6+ retailing for $3.99 each.

For more information visit www.knex.com.

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  1. My boys are SO into Mario right now – this would be awesome for them.

  2. Oh I’ve never seen these before! They look like a lot of fun! And simple. I like simple.

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