KRASH! 3D Bike Helmets! Mohawk Bike Helmet Review

krash helmets logoNow that spring has arrived, outdoor activities are in full force.  Whether we are playing in the sandbox, riding bikes, taking strolls or traveling to the park, safety is number 1 priority for me as a parent.  Since the kids enjoy riding their bikes everywhere we go, wearing a bike helmet is essential.   I have known many families who have ended up in the emergency rooms with their children as they weren’t wearing a safety helmet.  Head injuries are a frightening situation that can be prevented by wearing a bike helmet.  And there are so many stylish helmets now.  With characters from TV and movies, helmets with stickers and the ever cool yet fun KRASH! Helmets from C-Preme. C-Preme is the company who introduced Raskullz 3D helmets for kids but now have taken a step further with Krash! Helmets; targeted towards tweens age 10-12.

mohawk bike helmetKRASH! Helmets are unique innovative 3D molded helmets that will make children want to wear a helmet.  We were sent the very colorful Cube Hurt Mohawk helmet that features a shock absorbing EPS inner shell, Aerodynamic cooling vents and adjustable straps.  This mohawk bike helmet is anything but boring.  Bold, exciting and amazing rubber spikes.  I recognize that the Mohawk look is back in style; however I will not allow my child to have one, just yet.  Although, Gavyn hasn’t expressed interest in a Mohawk, he can now feel as if he has one with this helmet.  Krash! Helmets Mohawk Bike HelmetThere is a double row of spikes on the upper part of the helmet making it groovy for boys.  Everyone who lives in our neighborhood, friends and family all have asked to wear this.  It’s just that awesome! It fits snug on his head making it comfortable when wearing it.mohawk bike helmet

Krash! Helmets are certainly eye-catching!  Available are designs geared for boys and girls, such as the lightening hearts that features bold animal prints, lightening design with hearts and stars all with a yellow bow on top.KRASH! Bike Helmets

Or the horn design with a skull.  They are all fun and ideal for spring and summer.  As parents you can have confidence knowing your children will be protected as safety is priority to C-Preme.  Be sure to visit for more information.

KRASH! Helmets are available at Target and Toys R Us retailing for $24.99.

Disclosure:  Product received for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own.


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