Lego Friends an Exclusive Line Of Legos For Girls

Lego friends logoMy children love to build and create with Legos.  They can sit for hours and play kind without a bicker and construct whatever their hearts desire.  Gavyn has bins filled with yellow construction guys and pieces, Army sets, vehicles and loads of basic colored bricks.  Well now Zoe can enjoy pink Legos as well as pastel colors, bright colored bricks and more, with the all new Lego Friends, the construction sets geared just for girl’s age five and up.

The Lego Friends collection has 23 products, 14 out now and the remaining 9 due out later this year,  which includes five girls; Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Stephanie and Emma.  Each of the girls has their own personalities in their own fictional city named Heartlake City.  The Lego Friends construction sets are made around the towns where the girls live and their adventures.  This includes Stephanie’s Outdoor Bakery , Emma’s Splash Pool, Andrea’s Stage, Olivia’s Inventor’s Workshop, Stephanie’s Pet Patrol, Mia’s Puppy House and Emma’s Design Studio.  There are also larger building sets which include: Stephanie’s Cool Convertible, Olivia’s Tree House, Heartlake Dog Show, Butterfly Beauty Shop, City Park Cafe, Heartlake Vet, and Olivia’s House. Here is just a few of the constructions sets just mentioned.LEGO Friends

LEGO FriendsI cannot tell you how enthusiastic I am about this collection of Legos for girls and to start collecting each set to have our own Heartlake City in our home.  They look like a blast and if you have a construction set loving little girl then I would definitely look into the new toys.  Not only do they have the fun sets but there are mini doll figures included which are fully compatible with all Lego building sets, have thousands of customizable hair and fashion combinations and there will be a total of 29 dolls this year.

To learn more about Lego Friends visit where the website explains each of the girls personalities, descriptions of toys and more and be sure to shop LEGO Friends on Amazon where Lego Friends have also been introduced.  Prices start at $5.99.

Disclosure.  This is not a sponsored post and no products were received.  I’m just thrilled to introduce this line of LEGOS to readers of KiddiesCorner Deals


  1. says

    My daughter would love these. Her bday is in February so I may just have to buy some. I had no idea they had Legos for girls. Right now she plays with my sons legos so I know she would love the “girly” colors!

  2. Amy says

    Oh, my! I’ve been wanting them to come out with these since I was a little girl, watching all the fun my brother was having. I had fun with them, but this would have been sweet! Much better for self image than that ol’ busty Barbie. 😀 Neat! Now, I want a set so I can intrude with them upon my son’s boy’s legos. 😀

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