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If you’re looking for healthy, budget conscious, family friendly summer activities, gardening is a great option. Sharing the experience of watching a garden grow teaches your child about how and where produce comes from, inspires even the most tentative of eaters to gobble up fresh fruits and veggies, and it’s an excellent tool for beginning to understand the circle (and cycle) of life. Most important, it is fun and so rewarding to watch your children wonder as first buds begin to appear, or a pea is ready for harvest. An interactive online experience where gardeners of all levels can share videos, photos, ideas and inspiration, brings gardeners together in a rewarding, fun way. With individual and group pages, how-to videos, garden planners and a rapidly growing audience for new garden bloggers, here you can share the wisdom you have “grown.”

* Join the Community to Share Photos and Videos
* Learn about Plants that match Your Growing Conditions
* View other Inspirational Gardens features an expansive 6,000 vegetable database developed by Cornell University (778 varieties of tomatoes!) and a 5,900 ornamental database powered by Missouri Botanical Garden, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the U.S.A. Uniting the 25,000 square miles of America’s gardens and beyond, encourages passionate gardeners to “show and tell.” Maintaining local roots in California, Iowa, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Italy, the team includes “Groundskeeper” Mark Kane, the former Executive Garden Editor of Better Homes and Gardens.


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