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Building blocks were one of the first basic toys both of my children had in infancy. They are an incredible toy for children of any age. Building block encourage an array of physical benefits including improving fine motor skills – to help with later stages of life such as writing, drawing and any other activity that uses the fingers. They are an educational toy able to teach children colors, math concepts, spatial awareness and cooperation. Sure you can give a child blocks and allow them to use their imaginations, but for younger children teach with them. Remember, parents are a child’s first teacher! When children pick up a block tell them the color or ask them what color the block is or when stacking say place that block on top. Describe the square or rectangular shape of the block. Constructive play support free play or to build following the instructions. Blocks offer children the opportunity to explore the impressive things they can build out of them.

Building blocks of any sort are encouraged in our home. Zoe is all about direction and loves to build the models included with the blocks. Gavyn is all about imagination, building what his heart desires. We build as a family for fun and to bond with each other.

massbricks by platports.com

Our family is a home of building blocks so I was excited to explore Massbricks. Massbricks by Platports.com are giant building blocks, making them appropriate for toddlers due to their large size, allowing them to grasp the brick easily. We received a 31 piece set and I have to say I was impressed. These are much larger than a standard Lego and bigger than Mega Bloks, these are actually life-sized building blocks when models are built with them.

massbricks by platports.com

There are four different sized bricks in the 31 piece set, a square four peg brick, a six peg brick, an eight peg brick and a four peg wedge style block. These blocks are bright and colorful featuring primary and secondary colors; red, blue, green, yellow and orange, the perfect tool to help teach toddlers their colors.

massbricks by platports.com

The blocks include an instruction booklet to build life-sized objects such as a rooster, dinosaur, airplane and house to name a few. Zoe absolutely adored building with these. And just to give you a glimpse at how big these are, here is our rooster. He was built using only 18 blocks.

massbricks by platports.com

And our dog, with Zoe taking him for a ride!

massbricks by platports.com

How cool is that! Yes, children can actually sit on their model once built, with supervision of course. I appreciate how simple the instructions are for children to build. Each step will show you which block you will need and how many with an image. Using the included instructions is helping Zoe to read instruction as she is focusing on the images, to build the structure provided.

massbricks by platports.com

Building with Massbricks has opened up a whole new world for Zoe. She loves building with blocks, but because of the size of these, she has a bigger confidence then I’ve ever seen while she is building. Maybe because the instructions are clear and simple, or because her imagination runs wild, or because of the size, whatever it is Massbricks are absolutely wonderful bringing a smile to her face each and every time she builds.

massbricks by platports.com

Massbricks provide endless possibilities. Blocks accommodate for multiple uses, making them the perfect toy for open-ended play, keeping children engaged for hours. Zoe can build anything her heart desires, without instruction or frustration.

Massbricks foster endless fun, encourages children to be creative or to use their imaginations and improves fine and gross motor skills. Because these blocks are large, once the structure they are building gets taller then them, they’ll be reaching down for a block, bending their knees and like Zoe possibly using this as a real-life structure.

massbricks by platports.com

Massbricks are the perfect gift for little builders of any age. This set is suitable for children as young as 12 months old! There are many sets available. The 31-piece retails for $78, a bit more costly then we are used to but oh so worth it! For more information on Massbricks visit www.platports.com

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massbricks by platports.com

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  1. Thabal says

    The ‘Massbricks – 40 Pieces With Small Roofs’ looks fun, the kids always like to do houses or offices or something and roof is good.

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