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Gavyn has already handed us his Christmas wish list and I have already begun our shopping. His list seems similar year after year including items such as video games, RC cars, clothes, whichever new game system is out for the year, Army guys, and various other small toys. However, this year Christmas came a bit early and I am thrilled to share a product that is sure to be on young boys (age 6-12) Christmas lists this year. Mechatars are new, interactive robots giving a unique play experience which combines the best of online gaming and RC robotic toys by connecting the physical world and online world through cloud computing. IloveRobots, the company behind Mechatars has launched this toy giving children and adults a fun experience online and offline.

Gavyn was ecstatic when Kodar, his Mechatar, arrived. He immediately wanted to start exploring and seeing what this robot would do. Before we started to play online, we turned on Kodar which has an included remote control allowing players to have fun by driving him around our world Earth, battling or going on missions. He used drive mode much of the time, turning him, moving him forward and trying to stay out of the way of furniture, cabinets and anything else that got in his way. He loved going on missions using the weapon buttons. robotic toysWhile he would love battle mode, we do not have another Mechatar to battle with right now. Like I said, Christmas is almost here, and another will be under the Christmas tree so Gav and his dad can battle each other. While it may seem like you are just playing with a robot this is not the case. You are actually training your Mechatar by going on those missions. This trains your robot and children earn weapons, skills and abilities which help in the online universe(Mechaverse). After Gavyn was finished trying the offline experience I helped him connect it to the computer so he could sync Kodar to see what he earned while participating offline. This was very easy to do however I recommend an adult helping with younger children. We had an issue plugging in the USB to the Mechatar but realized it needed to be pushed down hard in the USB port on the Mechatar. Once we got that plugged in it installed software so Gavyn could go online to and start battling.robotic toysThere were online tutorials for first time users so he could understand how to play online in the Mechaverse and to practice. The Mechaverse is the online world which is under attack from dangerous enemies who are known as The Swarm. This is where Gavyn and Kodar come into play. Kodar and the other Mechatars, Alpha and Wrexx are fighting for their freedom and to bring back peace to the world. Gavyn immediately seemed to know what he was doing as he enjoys battle games, so this was a lot of fun for him. MechatarsWhile you can play online with other users who have Mechatars you will need to know their username to play with them. Or you can just battle The Swarm alone. I did watch Gavyn several times playing and I noticed he would choose weapons to battle The Swarm. These weapons all have different powers and have different attacks. There are nine attacks to defeat the opponent.  Each weapon has an affinity to one of the eight elements that control the natural flow of life in the Mechaverse. Depending on your opponent, one weapon’s element could be deadly — or leave you open to attack! Elements can be strong or weak. There are nine elements in the Mechaverse so you want to make sure you choose weapons and elements wisely to defeat opponents. interactive toys for boysGavyn continued to tell me how fun it was and asks everyday after homework is finished to play in his battles and missions. He talks about leveling up once he completes challenges and goes into the store to upgrade with points he has earned. We also received a code with our Mechatar to get us started.

So yay or nay from us? Definitely yes. This interactive robotic toy combines online and offline play and children get to train their robot to improve. The more you play the better it gets. There was not much to do as it recognizes the Mechatar right out of the box as it is all done wireless which is a plus in my book. While this may sound like a lot of information, they are fascinating toys if your children are into battling, blasting and adventures! The graphics on the online play are fabulous. I think six may be a little too young for this, but with parental guidance younger boys can have just as much fun.  You’ll definitely want to check out Mechatars for a holiday gift, birthday gift or another gift for boys.

Buy It: You can purchase Mechatars (retail value $39.99) and accessories by visiting and using coupon code MECHMOM to receive 10% off your purchase.  This code is valid until 11/30.

Win It:  Thanks to the generosity of IloveRobots, one of my US readers will win a Mechatar of choice based on availability

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