Moms a hair stylist!

When you have children you do things you never thought of doing. One of these things is becoming a hair stylist. Now, I’m by no means a professional, or have a license to do so, but with how crazy Zoe’s hair gets, it’s something that must be done. It drives this mom absolutely crazy. I swear it’s only growing out and not down. I can’t stand when her bands are in her eyes, or when she starts chewing on her hair, so I get out the handy dandy scissors, and get to chopping. I run into many issues though, snagged hairs, scissors not cutting, dull blades, you know all those issues with a pair of cheap scissors. I’ve searched high and low for the best ones, but it’s quite difficult. Hair Shears Reviews has a few scissors I would think about getting, even though the price tag is quite high. This doesn’t bother me though because when purchasing my own hair styling tools, I look for quality and performance, not price. I have purchased many products over the $100 mark, including my first hair straightener which was $180.00. This lasted 10 years and then the cord decided to give out. Beats a cheap $20 one you can purchase and have to replace within a year. No thanks.

One of the things I look for while searching for product reviews is a high review mark. 4-5 stars is always good. The Kamisori Black Diamond Shears Review has just that. 5 stars out of 169 stores, and states they are one of the best performance sheers. They look sleek, and stylish and I can bet they would cut Zoe’s hair with ease, without hurting her. Just a quick cut and it’s done. They are also a feather light sheer, so this is always a plus for me. They are hand made from V-10 cobalt premium alloy steel and coated with black titanium for fast cutting action and longer durability. Texturizer has 30 teeth. These sound amazing.

I know it’s in the future to purchase a great quality pair of shears, as I do lots of cutting. I’m not bad at it, but need that perfect cutting tool. I don’t want to hurt my daughter, and want it to be an easy process, without having to run to my stylist to fix my hair cutting mistakes, trust me this happens quite often.

So tell me, do you cut your childs hair? Or do you leave it to the pros?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are mine.


  1. Xenia says

    My mom cut our hair ALL THE TIME but I've yet to do it myself on either of my girls. In fact, my 20-month-old has never had a haircut because my husband managed to convince me to let my brother cut my older daughter's bangs when she was younger and it was a disaster. She looked horrible. Needless to say, we leave pretty much all haircuts to the professionals for now!

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