Munchkin – Wood and Steel Designer Gate Review

Now that my daughter is on the move we really need to start thinking about safety especially around the stairs and areas that have things that babies should not be getting into! We’re going to have to make some changes to our stairway and banister, so for now we focused on finding a gate that will work for our family. We really love the look, features, and safety of the Munchkin Wood & Steel Designer Gate. It has a beautiful design of wood on the part that opens and steel on both connecting side. It has all the latest safety features and we really like that it has a four point pressure seal. I remember growing up with ones that would have a handle to pull up and it would release the gate.. I figured it out by age 4 or so my mother told me. For my daughter to undo this she’d need tools and a lot of muscle, so we’re good!

Munchkin Wood and Steel Designer Gate Review

It can be mounted to stairways granted there is a wall on each side, perfect for blocking sections that are dangerous, or even just between rooms. We found this worked perfectly for our little washing room. I keep all our vacuums, detergents, and dirty laundry basket on the floor. This gate blocks my daughter from accessing any of it and confines it all in a spot that she cannot reach no matter how hard she may try.

Munchkin Wood and Steel Designer Gate Review

I can easily get in and out and it’s ideal for our small space. The gate can open in either direction and has a push in and down locking system so it makes it difficult for any small child that may and try to open it, however easy for mommy and daddy! I can even do it while holding her! To lock the gate just push into place. The gate also came with extensions and I only needed to insert one, and I’ll be saving the rest that it came with for when we move – this will definitely be used for a long time to come! It’s perfect for children between the years of 6months-24months!

Munchkin Wood and Steel Designer Gate Review

I’ve always loved the Munchkin brand, and truly trust it for my daughter. We’re loving the gate and safety it provides for our precious sweet baby! For more information visit

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review, opinions are all my own – no compensation was provided.


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    Love this! I like that it swings open. We have one to the nursery that is just a gate and I just push it to the side (it gets annoying in the middle of the night). Yours is also not too pricey but looks great!

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    That is a very nice gate! Our granddaughter will start moving around on her own this summer so I’ll be looking for some gates to keep her safe soon, I’ll have to check this brand out!

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