New Bratz Dolls: Bratzillas Review & Giveaway

Have a Bratz doll fan in your home?  If so you are going to want to check out the new Bratz dolls; Bratzillaz!  MGA Entertainment has announced the debut of Bratzillaz, the witchy wicked glam cousins of the Bratz!  They use their powers for good and wear glitzy fashions.  This line of fashion dolls will have girls using their imagination in a way we’ve probably never seen!

new bratz bratzillazSuitable for children 8+ there are 5 posable Bratzillaz and pets (each sold separately).  Receiving Yasmina Clairvoya, I immediately loved her look.  Yasmina has magic powers where she can see into the future and her special witchmark is the Egyptian Eye.  This is actually a tattoo on her arm.  With purple hair that is braided and stylish clothing, I think she is beautiful.  She comes with an adjustable doll stand that easily snaps into place so Yasmina can have support when playing with her.  Yasmina Clairvoya bratzillazHer clothing is all removable which includes; pants, top, bustier, cape, hat, boots and earring.  She also has a broomstick hair brush, monocle and reality card.  The monocle fits into her hand so she can hold it up to her eye.

Although, Zoe is rather young for the doll, she has really enjoyed playing with her with her other dolls.  I can see why these are for older children as they are a bit more “racy” and there are many articles of clothing that younger children would struggle to undress/dress.New Bratz Bratzillaz

Dolls are now available and coming in August the interactive 3-D website will be fully functional with games, videos, bios and more.  The reality cards will allow you to go online to unlock magic secrets by using your webcam.  We are waiting patiently for this feature to use with our spell cards.  Be sure when you purchase your doll, not to throw away the cards!  Yasmina Clairvoya favorite pet is Winkers!

Other Bratzillaz include:

cloetta spelletta bratzillazCloetta Spelletta has the power to change you into anything you want. She’ll help you show there’s two sides to you; Magic Power: Can transform into anything; Witchmark: Moon & Stars; Fave Pet: Barkthalameow; Fave Class: History of Platform Shoes; Fashion Passion: Girly Glitter.

jade j'adore bratzillazJade J’Adore has the power to help you find your one true love. She’ll help you heal your broken heart, too!; Magic Power: Heals broken hearts; Witchmark: Heart Arrow; Fave Pet: Kissifuss; Fave Class: Fashion Magic; Fashion Passion: Urban Witchy.

sashabella paws bratzillazSashabella Paws has the animal kingdom under her spell. She’ll help you communicate with creatures everywhere!; Magic Power: Can communicate with animals; Witchmark: Tribal Cat; Fave Pet: Fluffinscruff™; Fave Class: Exotic Animal Languages; Fashion Passion: Fierce faux fur.

meygana broomstix bratzillazMeygana Broomstix not only has the power to fly, but also to make dreams come true. She’ll help make your wildest dreams take flight!; Magic Power: Helps you fly; Witchmark: Wings; Fave Pet: Wingzy; Fave Class: Broom Gymnastics; Fashion Passion: Sporty Supernatural.

Buy Bratzillaz Dolls Today

I highly recommend the dolls for all Bratz fans.  Visit Little Tikes as they have Bratzillaz dolls, pets and accessories in stock!

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Disclosure: MGA Entertainment sent us a Bratzillaz doll for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own


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