New VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch for Kids Review & Giveaway

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Smartwatches are the hip new tech trend, allowing access to apps, music on-the-go, make & receive calls, use for fitness and so much more. Much more than just to tell time. Do you have one? How about your children? No? Do kids really need a smartwatch? Maybe not, but when VTech makes one just for our kiddos, they just may want it.

Smartwatch for Kids VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

The all new VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is a smartwatch for kids age 4+. But this is more than just a cool watch for children to wear and tell time. The Kidizoom Smartwatch lets children take photos, videos, record their voice, play games, tell time via the analog or digital clock and add fun photo effects to the photos they take.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch features:

  • 1.4 inch color touch screen
  • Camera for taking photos and recording videos
  • Voice recorder with 5 voice changing effects
  • Special effects including customized photo frames, color filters and distortion effects; fun video frames
  • 4 fun games, included
  • Kid-durable design to withstand drops and bumps
  • Splash proof and sweat proof
  • Alarm clock with fun tones and animation
  • Timer and stopwatch in kid-friendly themes
  • 50+ digital and traditional analog displays
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 4 vibrant colors: blue, pink, white and green
  • Micro USB cable for data transfer and battery recharging
  • Access to Learning Lodge app store to download more games and watch displays

We received a pink Kidizoom Smartwatch and immediately took it out of the packaging so we could start playing right away. Before enjoying the features, it needs to be fully charged by plugging the micro USB cable into the watch and the other end of the USB into a USB port.

Charging vtech kidizoom smartwatch for kids

Before doing this the watch will need to be turned on. There is a tiny and I mean tiny switch on the back of the watch.

vtech kidizoom smartwatch on/off switch

Once fully charged and turned on children will push the home or photo shutter button to wake the watch up, set the date and time and it is play time.

From there, there will be a menu screen that has icons showing the activities children can achieve with their smartwatch. Take photos, video, record a voice, play the 3 built-in games, set an alarm, use a timer, access the stopwatch, choose clock face display and more. There are over 20 digital and over 20 analog clock displays children can choose from in fun colorful designs made just for children.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch clock display

To choose children will swipe left to scroll through all available home screen options.

New Smartwatch for Kids VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Review

To take photos children can carry or wear their watch and point the camera at their object. To take a photo they can hit the shutter button on the screen or on the watch.

New Smartwatch for Kids VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Review

They can also add photo frames (see images below) before taking a photo to enhance their photos. Photos that were taken can be viewed in playback mode and deleted if necessary.

Videos can also be taken. There is a 1 minute time limit per video file. Zoe has been having fun with the voice recorder. She’s recorded numerous sayings and changes the effects of her voice by choosing from the 5 built-in voice effects. Effects may make the voice sound like a robot, slow it down or a funny(ish) voice.

Zoe found the games a bit boring and too easy. The games are Super Detective, Rotating Puzzle and Finger Dance.

Super Detective: A good memory is needed to become a super detective! Remember the face you see on the screen and on the next screen you’ll see a few different faces. Children will need to spot the original face.

Rotating Puzzle: A picture is showing on the screen, then a part of it rotates. Rotate the piece to make the original photo as quickly as possible.

Finger Dance: Listen to the music and look out for the circles around the music notes. When they appear, take the music note icon.

Younger children may enjoy the games but for more games, the Kidizoom Smartwatch can be connected to the VTech Learning Lodge to download more.

I really like how durable this watch is. It is made of a rubber type material and thick, perfect for our rough and tumble children. The face plate has a large 1.41” touch screen and fairly easily for children to learn.

New Smartwatch for Kids VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Review

I do wish the battery switch to turn the watch on/off was located in a different spot and a tiny bit bigger because like I said it is small. It would have been easier just to have an automatic on by pressing the home button. I also can’t figure out how to save the time/date. Once the watch is turned off this resets so needs to be set every single time.

Below is just a few samples of the quality of pictures Zoe took with the Kidizoom Smartwatch.

what is the picture quality of the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

vtech kidizoom smartwatch camera

vtech kidizoom smartwatch camera picture quality

Oh even a selfie can be taken:)

kidizoom smartwatch quality of pictures

Photos, videos and voice recordings can all be downloaded onto the computer via the included USB. Please note that once the USB is connected from your computer to the watch you will need to access the VTech drive and look under the DCIM folder to find the images. I moved them to a new folder and deleted so the watch would have full storage again.

There is also a parental control setting where parents can set a game time limit per day. Parents can choose from no limit up to 90 minutes of game play per day.

Zoe loves to take photos and is really enjoying walking around with her watch. She says she cannot wait until we head out this weekend to take her own photos and come home to see what she took. I don’t feel the quality is all horrible but not amazing either. I’d recommend a well-lit area with natural lighting for best photos and to be as close to the object as possible as there is only a 1.5 feet focus range. Remember this is a smartwatch for children, the best quality doesn’t matter here.

Smartwatch for kids

With low usage of the watch, the rechargeable battery will run for about 2 weeks’ time or heavy usage about 1 day. Zoe has bene using pretty heavily and we had to charge twice already. Overall I feel this is a fun gadget for kids to make them feel just like mom or dad!

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch retails for $59.99 and can be purchased at I believe this will be a hot holiday item this year!

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  1. Alicia C says

    I love all the games! And it’s so portable. This would be perfect for my son when we ride the bus or when he has to wait around in the store while mom talks to a friend.

  2. jeevon kay says

    I love that all the educational fun is on my kid’s wrist. from taking pictures to playing games to recording voices. How cool is that! even I want one for myself. I think this would be so perfect for my kids especially when we’re on the go or traveling. it’s the best way to keep them entertained and occupied

  3. says

    My six year old would love this. She has a thing for watches and an even bigger thing for electronics. She is the baby in our family and she is always being dragged to my older kids’ games. This nifty little toy would keep her occupied when boredom sets in.

  4. Erika W. says

    I love that my son could record his voice and then change it. He would get a huge kick out of that!

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