Depressed? There is Help…You Are Not Alone!

Ever had a feeling of sadness, unhappiness or like you just can’t cope?  Unfortunately I have and it continued for a long and difficult 18 months.  After Gavyn was born I was diagnosed with postpartum depression, yet declined treatment.  I didn’t want to acknowledge I had anything wrong with me, until it was too late.  My postpartum depression progressed into clinical depression; an illness I didn’t want to get help for as I thought “nothing is wrong with me.” All I had were negative thoughts including guilt from my child almost passing away; how could anyone distinguish what is hurting me, besides me.  Nobody loves me or cares.  These are the thoughts that ran through my mind, until I finally reached out to get help but not without losing my loved ones.  This was on my part though, not theirs.

I pushed my husband, friends and family away.  Lost the job I succeeded at, the home I built from top to bottom, my life.  I felt hopeless.  I thought I could cope alone, I was mistaken.  Depression affects millions of American’s, understand that you are not alone, there is support.  Talk to anyone; family, counselors, friends, loved ones, online depression support groups such as Depression Connect, it doesn’t matter who.  It will bring you comfort and happiness once again.

fighting with depression
When I finally received the help I needed, I felt like I had hope again.  My son needed his mother strong, my husband needed his wife by his side, and my friends needed a shoulder to cry on.  I thank everyone to this day who helped me get healthy again, to be me.  The loving mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter, aunt, and friend they all knew.  Reach out, you are not alone!

If I had known there were supporting communities like Depression Connect out there when my life felt like it was over, I believe it would have been much easier.  To talk to others going through the same feelings as you can make a difficult situation seem comforting.  Just to share how you feel, read stories and connect with others would have been wonderful.  I hope my story has inspired you to get support if you are going through a tough time; not just with depression.  Maybe you’re feeling grief from the loss of a loved one or feeling lost from another diagnosis, even abuse.

Remember, you are loved and any illness has treatments, people want to comfort you, you just have to take the first step in getting the help you


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    Thanks for sharing your story so candidly. I admit that this round of postpartum hormones has really thrown me for a loop. It’s been a challenge to get back to “normal”, but it’s good to know I have friends and online resources to turn to for help.

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    Depression is very common, people who suffer from it should know that many others understand…it’s great there is service like this to help people.

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    Thanks for writing this. You know of my struggles with it…and if it wasn’t for the AD’s I would be in a very low place. I am so glad there are places to get help. I know it was hard admitting to the stigma of “depression” but I had to, for me and my family.

    Thanks for sharing Nichol! :) xoxo

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