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My dear husband has been living under a rock somewhere. When I got my first smartphone two years ago, I asked if he was finally ready for his. His reply always: nope. I never pushed it so went on my way of browsing all my social media sites, checking email and stumbling. His mind completely changed when his two year contract was up for renewal and he browsed the “free phones” with a new two year contract renewal. What did he decide to buy? An iPhone 4. He told me he would need help but I’m an Android girl, so no help has been given from me except the assistance of getting him a case to safeguard his new phone. My husband is a big man, who has gone through phones like you wouldn’t believe. With his factory job and having to keep his phone in his pocket, lets just say they aren’t protected which is why I knew he needed a durable iPhone 4 case that would keep his phone secure in case of it falling, being hit while in his pocket or for any other “oops” moment.

otterbox defender series iphone 4 case

Hello, Otterbox, the company offering protection for all our technology needs! My husband took a look around and decided to build his own defender series case. The Otterbox Defender Series offers 3 layers of protection against drops, bumps and shocks with a built-in screen protector to prevent against scratches. He knew without a doubt this would “hopefully” keep his phone safe. To build his own he was able to choose from several colors for the outer layer silicone (black) and the inner layer plastic (yellow) plus the build-your-own comes with a free belt clip, so no more carrying in pockets!

iphone 4 defender series case

When the case arrived my husband immediately protected his phone by putting his phone in the case. He placed his iPhone inside the hardshell, which is two pieces-the screen protector and the polycarbonate inner layer, (be sure to clean your phone screen before doing this), and clipping the two pieces together once the phone is in.  He then wrapped the silicone outer layer around that.  Please note that wrapping the silicone around the first couple of times is difficult from being so new, however it gets easier if you need to take your phone out for any reason.  He attaches the belt clip when he is out and about. What is neat about the belt clip is the clip rotates and can be used as a stand as well!

otterbox iphone 4 defender series case

We were both amazed how well the case fit the phone, just like a glove. We both believe that this case will keep my husbands phone sheltered for life. We hope to never see a cracked screen like many of our friends phones. He actually dropped the phone the other day, and it was just fine. My best friend said the screen with the case can be touchy or not recognize your fingers, however my husband has had no issues. The Defender Series case is durable and doing its job of keeping his phone safe from drops and falls. There are many colors available if you’d like to custom make one and the price of $59.90 is well worth the money especially if you do not have insurance on your phone. If you would like to choose colors without making your own, there are many available for $49.95. Invest in a solid, reliable phone case such as Otterbox!

otterbox iphone 4 defender series case

My husband couldn’t imagine being without his smartphone now. The convenience of checking Facebook, email and doing a quick search on Google has made life simple for him. We both depend on our phones. If you are looking for stylish, protection on your smartphone or tablet, look no further than the number one selling cases by visiting and checking all the series of cases they offer for all types of phones and tablets.

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Cons: Defender Series case makes the phone bulky, therefore it is uncomfortable to even attempt to put the phone in your pants pocket.

Disclosure:Product received through Mom Blogger Club and Otterbox, all opinions 100% my own


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