Pinypon Car Assortment Playset Review & Giveaway

Valentine’s Day is a day to show our token of love and appreciation to those close to us. Generally significant others, children and other family members, such as parents and siblings. My kids are still young, so when I asked my kids ages 10 and 5 what Valentine’s Day meant to them, they both told me a day to give valentines to their friends and the day mommy gives them chocolate and a small gift as well as a big hug and kiss followed by I love you. Nothing new as I show my love to them constantly.

Pinypon Dolls

pinypon dollsThis year, instead of giving the kids a card, candy and chocolate why not pick up a small toy for your little princesses. Last spring, I introduced you to the Pinypon toy line by Famosa, colorful-customizable mini-dolls, vehicles and accessories, giving girls a whole new way to use their creativity. We still have enjoyed our dolls and caravan (although my son stepped on the van and broke it) but we have added to our doll collection since. We absolutely love that the dolls hair, head and bodies can be swapped to make them a completely new doll. Expanding our Pinypon dolls has allowed Zoe to create endless looks.

pinypon car assortment

The Pinypon Car Assortment is the perfect gift for girls age 4+. The fabulous pink Pinypon convertible arrives with a Pinypon doll, stickers, picnic basket and accessories for a picnic including play food, silverware, cup, blanket and additional accessories for the Pinypon doll headband. The car has two seats for the driver and friend to cruise along and a trunk back that opens to hold the picnic basket.

pinypon car assortment

The picnic accessories are very small, so if you have small children around make sure pieces are out of reach. Zoe has enjoyed cruising around the house with her dolls as the car actually rolls with the wheels!

pinypon car assortment

The Pinypon dolls are easy for children to disassemble to customize them any way they desire. The face is two sided with a bright eyed girl on one side and the other appearing her eyes are closed. The hair fits over their head which is hollow to store hair pieces so they do not get lost.

pinypon car assortment

Zoe plays with her sets often never getting disinterested since she can alter their looks. I highly recommend purchasing various dolls to begin your Pinypon collection, so they have many outfits, heads and faces to mic & match with. They even have pets.

Pinypon are unique, fun, adorable and affordable, making them an appropriate gift any time of the year.  For more information, to play games and check out the adorable line visit

Pinypon are now available at TARGET Stores with an array of figures, pets, fairies, mermaids and more. Each sold separately. Before buying, be sure to print these Pinypon coupons!

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Product received received from Pinypon for review purposes, all opinions and thoughts 100% my own


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