Playroom Designs I Am Loving

The playroom was the first room we remodeled when we moved in here.  It was originally the entry way, but at the time I was a daycare provider and Zoe was only two, so making it a play space seemed appropriate.  Zoe is now four so I am thinking of upgrading the playroom to something a bit more sophisticated, not so babyish.  While searching around the web I found some amazing playroom design ideas that have given me some inspiration.  Take a look!

kids playroom inspirationThis playroom from Pottery Barn Kids would be perfect since my kids are older now and gives them everything they need.  Not too kiddish for the older children and easy design since it is basic bookshelves!

unique playroomI am absolutely loving this apple green and red playroom.  Just the colors are inviting.  I think I would stay there all day.  Definitely colors I would do in ours. You can view the entire slideshow here.

cool playroomThis is just a dream but WOW!  How amazing is this design from SAKO Architects?  Those children are sitting in 
holes which are designed on the bookshelves against the wall. Not only are they a place to sit and read but they are windows. Love!

chalkboard wallZoe loves to write and learn and I truly believe she will for life.  An entire chalkboard wall would be really cool and I can’t wait to upgrade to pod lighting.

map playroomThis map room shown by HGTV can be used for more than just a playroom.  Gavyn could chill in here to do homework as could Zoe when she starts having homework, watch movies, play games on game nights and so much more.


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