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Every child I know at one point has had a fascination with trains, my child is no exception. When Gavyn was three, every word out of his mouth had something to do with trains. He told everyone we knew, that one day he would have this train set. And he did, four to be exact. He REFUSED to let us return the sets as everyone bought that same Thomas set as his Christmas gift in 2005. He had a train set at all our relatives home, so he could always enjoy the set he requested. His train obsession lasted a few years.

Since visiting Day Out With Thomas, Zoe has been captivated by trains. She has asked numerous times if we can ride more trains and a train set is on her wish list, or was.

If you have a child that is fascinated in trains, take a look at Power Trains by Jakks Pacific! Power Trains are quality trains that are battery operated!

Power Trains RC Log Loader Express Review

We received Power Trains Log Loader Express for review. This is a remote control train. Included in this 48-piece playset are tons of cool things including 15 feet of track, a freight engine, tanker car, caboose, two flat cars, remote control, toys to assemble the log loader station, forklift, loading truck and logs.

Assembly was fairly simple with this. The track has tabs on one section of the track and a slot on the other. They slide together fitting into a groove. The track has straight pieces, curved pieces and a cross section.

power trains log loader express

We then assembled the log loader express. When built, there will be a shed with roof that includes a ramp, log holding ramp and crane. This fun play area will act as the logging area, where children will take their logging truck and forklift to load logs onto the flat cars on the train!

power trains log loader express train set

This area is exciting for train enthusiasts as they’ll rotate the log holding knob, take the forklift to grab and raise logs with the push of a button then transport those logs up the plastic ramp.

power trains log loader express

They’ll then release those logs from the fork truck into the log bin. With a slight rotate on the knob, logs will go into the holding area. Using the crane, children will enjoy pushing the button to grab a log, move the crane up and over, to where the flat car is waiting to be loaded.

power trains log loader express

Kids can also load the logs onto the logging truck, which has a truck bed. My kids unloaded from the train, onto the logging truck then parked in the shed.

power trains log loader express

Super fun stuff!

The train engine requires 3 AAA batteries. Also, the remote control will need 2 AAA batteries to operate. The remote has an on/off switch and a handle to control the train either forward or reverse. There is also stop in the center.

power trains log loader express train set

Once we had the set complete, both kids were enjoying the train and loading logs. The set is a good sized train set with much to do. This train set offers more than just a train and is a great set for those that want a train set, but may be too young for an electric train set.

power trains log loader express

Even though, this is made of plastic, it is durable. The track stays together well without coming apart (huge plus) and the cars stay connected well. Younger children may have some difficulties assembling the track but that is only because of the way they snap together. Like a puzzle, but the snaps are small. We have had some sticking issues with the crane button, so the kids have to push down on a log to open the crane so it grabs a log. I do highly recommend using rechargeable batteries with the set so children can play for longer periods of time.

Overall we really enjoy this set. It is a lot of fun and would make a wonderful gift for train aficionados this holiday season. It is not a complex set, so great for children. Not only will they be a train conductor with this set, they’ll be loggers and vehicle operators. Best of all, all Power Trains toys are compatible, so children can create awesome railroads and buy more train cars for longer trains!

Power trains log loader express

For more information on Power Trains visit powertraintoys.com

The Power Trains Log Loader Express can be purchased at Toys “R” Us or Target for $49.99


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