#HolidayGiftGuide Rainbow Loom Review + How to Make a Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Michaels provided a complimentary Rainbow Loom for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own.

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Have you heard about the hottest new craze that kids and adults are scrambling to get their hands on? Rainbow Loom hit shelves at Michaels craft stores late this summer and is the hottest crafting item this year. Why? Because everyone wants to sport fun, brightly colored rubber band jewelry!

rainbow loom

Rainbow Loom is highly popular even winning the Innovation Award from the Craft & Hobby Association. The kit has everything you need to begin making fun and vibrant bracelets, rings, key chains and more to wear or share with friends.

When you purchase a Rainbow Loom Kit it includes 600+ latex free brightly colored rubber bands, C-clips, double sided hook and the Rainbow Loom.

There are many patterns you can make, but today I’ll be talking about a basic single pattern rubber band bracelet as the instructions included are for this pattern.

Click here to learn how to make a fishtail Rainbow Loom bracelet

If you are a beginner at making Rainbow Loom bracelets I highly recommend beginning with two rubber band colors until you get the hang of it. The instructions did confuse me, so I went to YouTube to check out a few videos, I was still confused, Michaels has the best Rainbow Loom video here.

How to Make a Basic Standard Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Step 1: Choose the two rubber band colors you would like for your bracelet
Step 2: Place the loom in front of you with the red arrow closest to you pointing forward
Step 3: You will only be using two rows of pegs. Lay your first rubber band on the first peg and stretch to the second peg

How to Make a Basic Standard Rainbow Loom Bracelet
Step 4: Lay the next rubber band on the second peg going to the third peg.

How to Make a Basic Standard Rainbow Loom Bracelet
Step 5: Continue doing this until you reach the end of the loom, it will be a zig zag type pattern.  It will look like this

How to Make a Basic Standard Rainbow Loom Bracelet
Step 6: Turn the Rainbow Loom around so the arrow is now at the other end with the arrow pointing toward you
Step 7: Look at your second peg, with the hook grab the second color. If you put the hook through the hole in the peg you’ll be able to grab it.  Tip: I find that once you grab the rubber band with the hook it is easier to use your finger to hook onto the adjacent peg (next step) For instance my first color on the first peg is green. On the second peg I’ll be grabbing the red rubber band, which is the bottom color.

How to Make a Basic Standard Rainbow Loom Bracelet
Step 8: Now hook that color onto the adjacent peg. Tip:  Be careful that the rubber band does not come off the pegs.

How to Make a Basic Standard Rainbow Loom BraceletNow you’ll grab the color underneath on the third peg where you just hooked the first color and hook to the adjacent peg

How to Make a Basic Standard Rainbow Loom Bracelet
Step 9: Continue doing this with all pegs, do not skip any pegs!  Here is a short video demonstrating this.

It will look like this

How to Make a Basic Standard Rainbow Loom Bracelet
Step 10: Secure the last rubber band with a C-clip

How to Make a Basic Standard Rainbow Loom Bracelet
Step 11: Pull up and remove the rubber band with c-clip from the peg

How to Make a Basic Standard Rainbow Loom Bracelet

and remove all rubber bands from their pegs from the loom.

How to Make a Basic Standard Rainbow Loom Bracelet
Step 12: Secure the other end of the rubber band with the c-clip

How to Make a Basic Standard Rainbow Loom Bracelet
Finished: You just made a basic standard Rainbow Loom bracelet!

How to Make a Basic Standard Rainbow Loom Bracelet

You’ll get the hang quickly. Just make sure when you are pulling the underneath rubber band color, that the top color doesn’t come off. Sometimes it is easier to pull up the color with the hook and loop on the adjacent peg with your fingers.

rainbow loom video how-to's

Zoe (6) makes a new bracelet almost daily. We made a fishtail too, which his my favorite style!

Rainbow Loom is guaranteed to be a hot seller, for boys and girls. I can tell this from my area already as the kids have Rainbow Loom up there arms and hooked on their backpacks. Rainbow Loom bracelets make the perfect friendship bracelets.

The instructions also include how to use the mini loom and also 26 different patterns, for when you’re pro and ready for a challenge!

Rainbow Loom is a fun activity that helps develop fine motor skills, creativity and allows a child to express their personal style.

Where to Buy Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom can be purchased at Michaels stores. Check out Rainbow Loom at Michaels.com for more information! Rainbow Loom is recommended for ages 8+. Careful parents, you’ll soon become addicted as well!

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  1. Each of my boys have a Rainbow Loom and they are obsessed with these bracelets. There are little elastics all over my house and they each wear about a dozen bracelets per day.

  2. This is the first I’ve seen of these, how neat! They are a little bit like those potholder kits I used to have when I was a kid! Very cool!

  3. I have been hearing about these all over Facebook, but this is the first time I’ve actually taken the time to really check it out. Such a neat product and definitely something I would have loved as a kid! Fabulous step-by-step photos too.

  4. These are all the rage right now, but I think Emma (5) might be a little too young.

  5. Holy wow. I bought these for Christmas. I may have to donate them they seem like so much work! Or maybe my kids are smarter than me and will figure it out?

  6. I’ve been seeing these everywhere lately. It looks hard! Luckily Jake has no interest, lol.

  7. You made this so easy to understand. I never would of understood the direction lol . My teenagers love this kind of stuff and this would make a great gift for Christmas coming up.

  8. Ohhhh Wow these are looking very beautiful. One can make its own design. Specially children will love these bracelets. Thanks Nicol for posting this.


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