Day Out With Family: Rock City Park, Olean New York

Rock City Park OleanI took last week off from babysitting and decided to have a fun family weekend with our family. My husband took Thursday-Sunday off and we ventured out. We have lived in Western NY our entire life, besides going to Florida for six years before kids. Unfortunately, we never go out to view the local attractions but have decided it is time, now that we have two children. Olean New York is not far from where we live and is in the next county over in Cattaraugus County.  It is the largest city there but is still small.  We have heard of Rock City Park but have never been.  Rock City Park is located in the city of Olean, and is a prehistoric ocean floor called ocean spar.

Quartz flowed from high mountains through swift rivers to this area and settled in the sand and mud. After millions of years it formed into a natural concrete, which is quartz conglomerate, also called puddingstone. The quartz is estimated to be a half billion years old and the rock three hundred twenty million years old. It extends from here, seventy feet deep, to West Virginia and into Ohio where it is about fourteen hundred feet deep

We arrived and the kids couldn’t wait to check everything out and get on the trail. We took a ton of photos so I am here to share Rock City Park with all of you. I hope you enjoy and if you are ever here in the southern tier, it is a must visit. You will have the wonders going through your head!

Rock City Park

Rock City Park

rock gaps

rock bridge

huge rock photo

rock city park

rock city park

rock city park olean ny

rock city rocks

rock city park

anvil rock

Balancing rock

Indian Stairs

Indian Stairs

top of rock cityThe last photo is the view from the top, absolutely breathtaking.  You’ll see in the third photo gaps in the floor and in the fourth photo are the small bridges to walk.  It can be very dangerous so our kids hands were held at all times.  You can read more about Rock City Park by visiting their website

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  1. It looks so peaceful and relaxing…what a nice way to spend time with family (ps the highlights look great!)

  2. What a beautiful locale. No wonder you took some time off to enjoy it. I’d love to hike all over in there!

  3. It looks like such a pretty place! We have just recently started exploring closer to home too. I think most people forget that there can be great adventures really close to home!

  4. What a fun place and how pretty! Hope you all had fun hiking around together!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. Looks like a fun trip.

  6. These pictures look very nice. I had to call my Husband in to see them. I want to go. Isee you are going to visit Finger Lakes we have been a couple of times and it is beautiful. Lots of walking and nice water falls to see.

    I was wondering if this Rock City Park was really far from Letchworth State Park as we have been there.

    This is also a beautiful place to take the family and again waterfalls and lots of walking. But beautiful.

    HAve youever been?

    • We are heading to Letchworth in the Fall, we have never been but have heard amazing things. I just looked it up and Letchworth is about 50 miles from Rock City Park. We cannot wait to go! Off to check out your post:)

  7. Very nice photos. Looks like such a fun park and you that you had a grea time. That’s sad that you hurt your foot though!

  8. Wow, this looks gorgeous and so fun! I’d love to visit sometime.

  9. wow what fun and beautiful shots my dear :) That would be a really cool place to visit!

  10. Wow, this looks so neat! You got some awesome pics!


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  2. […] arriving very soon, we have been gearing up for our outdoor explorations.  Last year we headed to Rock City Park here in Olean, NY for some hiking adventures.  This year we are planning our trip to Letchworth […]

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