5 Online Holiday Shopping Safety Tips & Black Friday Twitter Party #Lifelock

Tis’ the season for shopping! Online holiday shopping season is at its peak. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two big online shopping days where everyone is looking for holiday bargains. We all want the best deals on the hottest toys, electronics, video games and more, so clicking away online is what we do.  However, while we are conveniently shopping from the comfort of our homes to finish our holiday shopping, we unfortunately have to remember about the thieves; the ones who want to steal our personal information and money. Each time you shop online it presents threats of identity theft.

safe online holiday shopping tips

Online shopping is safe, but there are risks. Having precautions in place now and keeping safe is important. While shopping online for gifts for everyone on your list follow these 5 safe holiday shopping safety tips.

  1. Update, Update, Update: You’ll want to make sure you are updating passwords, anti-virus software, browser and other computer software. To make this easy, make sure they are all changed to update automatically. Doing this ensures your computer is always up-to-date. Unsecured computers could leave your credit card and other important information exposed to hackers not to mention your computer could be attacked by malware. Be sure to change passwords monthly to something more strong using numbers, symbols, and uppercase letters .
  2. Look For The Lock Icon: When shopping online at secure website s a lock icon will be displayed in the address bar with an HTTPS:// in front of the web address. Ensure the lock is there and never shop at a website that doesn’t have one.
  3. Shop Trusted Websites: Many websites have their own seller ratings so you can feel confident about shopping at that merchant. You can find them easily online at places such as truste.com even Google has trusted stores. Stay with reputable companies that have earned customers trust. Their website may even display the TRUSTe logo or BBB logo, but remember this is an image, which can be duplicated.
  4. Use Credit: Many will say no way so if you aren’t one for a credit card, put your holiday funds on a prepaid card. Using your debit card for making online purchases could be disastrous for your family as it is linked to your bank account; your families budget. If debit card information is stolen, excessive fees can happen and no buyer protection is in place. I made this mistake when online shopping wasn’t so popular and it took forever (with fees) to get my funds back.
  5. Don’t Click-With many of us receiving newsletters from our favorite companies, hackers are out there trying to imitate them. When looking at your email for offers, be careful on what you click. Identity thieves will create emails looking like the company but when you click on the links, they are stealing your passwords, even possibly installing malware on your computer. Your best not to click the links, and to type in the companies website manually in your browser bar.

Online shopping is easy for everyone. We don’t have to leave our home, can find fabulous holiday deals to finish our holiday shopping and find a large selection of the products we want.

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Get peace of mind and have a safe holiday a enroll for identity theft protection services with a trustworthy company such as Lifelock, who works relentlessly to protect your identity. Lifelock offers a suite of identity theft protection services alerting you of potential threats.

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Lifelock Twitter Party

I hope you’ll join us on Black Friday, November 23, 2012 at 3:00PM PST for a Lifelock Black Friday Twitter party. We’ll be discussing tips and tricks to keep you safe while shopping this holiday season.

I am a Lifelock brand ambassador and am being compensated for my time in bringing you helpful tips to keep you safe. All opinions 100% my own


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