Disney Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups Review

When The Search for Santa Paws was released it became a favorite DVD of my daughter who was then 3. She asked to watch it daily becoming enthralled with any talking dog film. I knew it would be no different with Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups from the creators of Disney Buddies.

disney santa paws 2 the santa pups

We sat down one evening and watched this as a family and really enjoyed it. If you’re not a fan of talking dog movies, steer clear, as this has talking dogs the entire film. The film stars Cheryl Ladd (Charlie’s Angels) as Mrs. Claus, Danny Woodburn (Mirror, Mirror; The Search for Santa Paws) as Eli, Pat Finn (Spooky Buddies) as Santa, Kaitlyn Maher (Treasure Buddies, The Search for Santa Paws) as Sarah, Josh Feldman (The Closer) as Carter, George Newbern (The Father of the Bride), Obba Babatunde (Broadway version of Dream Girls) as human characters.

Starting out in the North Pole, Santa Paws (daddy dog) has a brand new litter of 4 pups; Jingle, Charity, Hope and Noble.

santa paws 2 the santa pups

Everyone at the North Pole realizes that since the ambassador has passed (Sarah’s mom) Pineville USA has lost its Christmas spirit. Mrs. Claus travels to Pineville in hopes of getting all in the holiday cheer again, what she doesn’t know is the pups made their way to the sleigh to travel with her, stealing Eddy’s magic crystal.

santa paws 2 the santa pups

While in Pineville, the pups begin granting wishes to those in the town, and mistakenly grant Carter’s wish of hoping the Christmas spirit would be gone forever. The town loses complete spirit and things go terribly wrong. Dogs are locked in cages, bad attitudes, an extreme dislike for Christmas, even Mrs. Claus getting arrested. In order for Christmas to be saved and hopes that the Christmas cold will go away, Mrs. Claus must find the pups to reverse the Christmas wish that was granted on Carter.

There was lots of enjoyable Christmas music sung by Sarah and others in the film. She’s the same little girl from The Search for Santa Paws known as Quinn in that film.

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Zoe says all you need is Christmas cheer and hope and that is exactly what this film focuses on. The pups are Great Pyrenees, super adorable yet causing all sorts of mischief in the film, though they learn their lesson.
santa paws 2 the santa pups
I liked that Mrs. Claus was such a kind lady and younger than I would have imagined. This is a great family-friendly holiday film with cute puppies, elves in the workshop, Santa and adorable Sarah, who is actually singing in the film, you’ll recognize her from the third season of America’s Got Talent singing Somewhere Out There. Here she is singing in the film.

A holiday film that is sure to bring smiles to all. Please note: This film is not connected to The Search for Santa Paws.

Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups is now available to purchase on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital.  Buy Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups now from Amazon.

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    We have the first one on DVD and my boys loved it last year when we watched. We haven’t busted it out yet this year, but I will have to soon. I’ll keep my eyes out for this the next time I am in the store!

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