Scatter Brainz Sticky Toy Darts with Brains Review

If you have boys, you know how abnormal their toy interests can be.  My son likes ordinary toys such as his army “dudes”, Nerf guns, trading cards and anything that has to do with his Xbox 360 however he enjoys the creepy toys as well, like these S.L.U.G. ZOMBIES Scary Little Ugly Guys.  I thought those were a relative strange toy, but the kids play zombie almost daily together, and now they throw darts with brains with the Scatter Brainz also from Jakks Pacific.

scatter brainz toy darts

Scatter Brainz are seriously sticky deranged toy darts.  The small darts have a sticky area that feels gummy like on the end that resembles a brain; see I told you this was wacky.  The set we received was Series 1 that included 8 darts plus a target sheet.  Each dart has a bizarre body posed on the dart and they all include names.  The series we received has a dart from each collection of Scatter Brainz.  For instance there are Odyssey’s Oddities we received Medusa Oblongata.  There are also Absent-Minded, Ring Tossed and several others.   You’ll notice that there are colored squares on the packaging next to the Scatter Brainz.  Yellow means common, orange are rare and red are ultra-rare.  Kids are going to want to collect them all!

So what did Gavyn think of these?  Super cool and fun he says.  The darts stick to anything and can be cleaned with water and left to air dry if they become dirty or covered in hair.  The kids have been enjoying the games with the Around the World dartboard.

scatter brainz toy darts

These include zany games for children to play.  So not only does my 10 year old love Scatter Brainz my 5 year old daughter thinks they are also the coolest darts and loves that she can now play a game of darts.  They are fun and rather weird but hey kids are going to enjoy them.  They would definitely make an affordable gift for children.

With 64 darts available (and more to come), 8 different dartboards with unique gameplay rules and a brain bazooka to shoot the darts, playtime will continue for a while.  The brain bazooka launcher has a rotating chamber that can hold five Scatter Brainz darts and accurately blast them up to 15 feet! My kids still play with these often even if it’s just shooting each other with the brains.  Oh and I should mention that if collecting Scatter Brainz gets out of hand, you can purchased the Mental Case which are carry cases.  They open up to reveal a spinning backboard to use with the game board targets (4 included) so you can practice your aim on the go. Mental Case holds up to 50 darts and includes four exclusive characters and game board targets that you won‘t find anywhere else!

scatter brainz sticky toy darts

So as a reviewer I’ll admit these are rather unusual toys, but who am I to judge?  Kids 5+ are going to love Scatter Brainz, their weird body attire affixed to the plastic dart, and touching the gummy brains! Although unusual I confess they’re totally creative.

Visit to learn more about these bizarre toys children will adore.  Let them get their game on with a twist on the classic dart game in a safe way! Buy Scatter Brainz toys at Toys R Us prices start at $5.99 and all toys are sold separately.

Disclosure:Jakks Pacific sent toys for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own


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