Stretch Island All Natural Real Fruit Chews Review

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When I became a parent I knew there would be challenges and one of those is having a very picky 10 year old, who dislikes many nutritious foods, most enjoy. Gavyn doesn’t like many fruits and vegetables, so I have to be sneaky to give him nutrients he doesn’t get on a daily basis such as pureeing carrots in pasta sauce, making delicious smoothies for him with berries and bananas and adding zucchini to homemade muffins and breads. We also enjoy homemade fruit pops with pureed fruits as they are much more nutritional than store bought.

Since eating fresh fruits besides the occasional banana or pear isn’t a possibility with my son, I have to go different routes that give my son a full serving of fruit with snacks he enjoys such as healthy fruit snacks and Stretch Island Fruit makes all natural fruit strips and fruit snacks that provide goodness in a tasty way kids like.

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Stretch Island Fruit Chews provide a full serving of fruit, contain no added sugars or preservatives and are an effortless way for kids to get real fruit on-the-go. We were sent all three delicious varieties of their fruit chews; Oh So Very Strawberry, Very Cherry and Razz-Mataz Raspberry. The fruit chews packages are small .99 oz packages and are 100 calories or under. They do not have any fat, cholesterol and the carbohydrates are from the fruit puree. I was worried Gavyn wouldn’t like these, but I was wrong. His favorite flavor is strawberry, though he really likes them all. Each fruit chew looks similar to bite-sized Twizzlers, but much more healthier as they have no artificial flavors.

stretch island fruit chews

The ingredient label will make you grin as you can understand them and they are not a mile long. Ingredients such as apple, pear, cherry and raspberry puree concentrate, lemon and orange juice concentrate and natural flavors. That is it. No dyes and no high fructose corn syrup or anything else that would consider these a processed food.

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The Stretch Island Fruit Chews are the newest addition to offer a healthy snack for the entire family. They are not gummy and taste real without a bitter aftertaste. Each fruit bite is sweetened naturally from fruit. These are a convenient healthy way for children to receive their full serving of fruit, without complaining as kids love fruit snacks. I have been enjoying them as well, as I haven’t eaten fruit snacks in a long time. They fit in perfect with my healthier lifestyle.

Stretch Island also has seven flavors of their fruit strips with less than 50 calories per serving and equals one-half serving of real fruit and their  FruitaBü® Smoooshed® Fruit Rolls. You’ll be pleased to know that Stretch Island Fruit Co products contain the Non-GMO Project Verified seal.

For more information on Stretch Island Fruit Chews visit Products are available at grocers and natural food stores nationwide.

Products received for review purposes, all opinions and thoughts 100% my own


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    I love how they are all natural. My kids call fruit snacks like this their treats. I’m going to have to try to find these and give it to the boys. Thanks for the great review!

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