Tolalu Fun & Cute Personalized Gifts for Kids Review

I received Tolalu products in exchange for a post about the personalized gifts for kids. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Choosing gifts for kids can be a discouraging task; will they like it, do they have it already, is it age-appropriate, will parents approve? These are all the questions we ask ourselves when shopping for gifts for kids. Which is why personalized gifts for kids are the perfect way to relieve stress, save time and show meaning.

Tolalu are all about kids, selling a nice assortment of personalized gifts from calendars to placemats, bookmarks, storybooks, notebooks and more.

Zoe loves personalized gifts so she went on a shopping spree choosing bookmarks, a notebook and a calendar.

tolalu personalized gifts for kids

There are many kid-friendly designs for boys & girls in friendly characters or children can add a photo of themselves to many of the items. For the bookmark Zoe chose her favorite animal; monkey. This adorable monkey is hanging from his tail on a branch and is personalized with her name.

Tolalu personalized name monkey bookmark

Children will receive 4 bookmarks, perfect for little bookworms. She also chose a notebook to keep as a journal and to write.

Tolalu personalized name monkey notebook

We’re really working on neater writing, so she is always writing in a notebook. She also chose the monkey friend design for the notebook personalized with her name. This 80-page spiral bound notebook has blank white pages inside to draw or write.

Tolalu personalized name monkey notebook

Lastly, Zoe wanted a calendar. She is fascinated in keeping up with birthdays, holidays and important dates, so having her own fun calendar is exciting. She chose the pink dancer theme which features cheerful and vibrant illustrations little girls will love.

personalized calendar for kids

She added in her own photos for every month plus the cover.   The process of making the calendar was simple. Once we chose this picture calendar, she added her name to every page and then added in photos to the photo gallery. Once all our images were in the gallery, we dragged and dropped the images to the calendar. We were told many of the images weren’t the best resolution but I took the risk and allowed Zoe to add them since she really wanted them on her calendar. The calendar turned out stunning.

personalized calendar for kids

High quality printing with pictures that feature true colors without any fuzziness or graininess. This is a desk calendar so she’s been keeping it on her nightstand. An affordable gift that children would absolutely adore!

If you are looking for an affordable unique gift that is a one-of-the-kind gift children will smile about, is the place to look. Their gifts are cute and fun. Keep in mind when ordering that it took about 2 weeks for our gifts to arrive. So order well in advance if ordering for a birthday, school or holiday. Visit for more information.

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