Trouble Sleeping? Pledge to Tuck In Turn Off with the Sweet Dreams Collection #TuckInTurnOff

Products received for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own

My bedroom is one of the first rooms that gets spring cleaned because it is already spotless but it is the time of year I wash down all the walls and woodwork, pull the bed and dressers out to clean under and behind them, vacuum out the cat hair from the heater vents and all the other small things and not so small tasks such as the closet.

As a mom of 2, wife, full-time blogger, part-time house cleaner and pet mom, sleep is the first thing I want but the last thing get and never get enough of it. This year I vowed to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, it has happened but not often.

With my bedroom freshly spring cleaned and my bedding smelling dreamy, I think it may be a little easier now. Would you like to get a good night’s sleep? Follow these simple steps provided by P&G so your bedroom invites you in, to rest calmly.

Wash sheets: Did you know the frequency in which you wash your sheets is critical in maintaining a healthy and comfortable sleep environment?  Sheets should be washed every week so you can relax and fall asleep.  Clean sheets washed in lavender scented formulas is a wonderful way to relax.

sweet dreams collection laundry products

The brand new Sweet Dreams Collection is formulated with ingredients to clean, soften and freshen bedtime fabrics including pajamas, to create a relaxing environment to help you fall asleep.  The Sweet Dreams Collection consists of lavender, to help soothe.  The Sweet Dreams Collection of laundry products includes:

  • Tide plus A touch of Downy Sweet Dreams
  • Downy UNSTOPABLES Dreams
  • Downy Infusions Sweet Dreams
  • Bounce Sweet Dreams

Controlled room temperature: A cool room, somewhere around 65 degrees, makes for the best sleep. The feel of your mattress, pillows, sheets, and pajamas also affects the quality of your sleep.

Turn off Electronics: I’m so bad with going to bed and checking my phone one last time.  It is habit but did you know the use of electronics can have negative effects on your ability to fall asleep?  One of the biggest hindrances to falling asleep is engaging in electronics such as phones, computers and televisions too close to bedtime. Commit to a better night’s sleep every night by turning off technology at least 30 minutes before bedtime and taking the “Tuck In. Turn Off.” Pledge at

tide downy bounce sweet dreams collection

I received all four of the Sweet Dreams Collection of products and I am obsessed. I’ve NEVER switched laundry products in the 16 years of being on my own and buying my own products. I’ve liked what I’ve used all these years, but I can happily say I am making the switch to these products. Our laundry smells amazingly clean, is soft and definitely a calming scent you want to sniff all day long. Loving the Unstopables, little pellet like scent boosters that go straight in the wash! The Sweet Dreams Collection scent lasts and makes it much easier to unwind from the hectic day.

But I’m still very guilty of tucking in and browsing on my phone. This has to stop which is why I committed to taking the Tuck In Turn Off Pledge. I’ve been unplugging every single night when it is bedtime and really trying to get 8 full hours of sleep, but with a new one of these

cute yellow lab puppy picture

it is not easy. Bella has me feeling like a mom of a newborn again, but I love every single minute of it as she is the first family dog for our family!

So for now, I pledge not to text, get on social media or browse while in bed, and HOPE within a few more weeks, I’ll get my 8 hours of sleep when puppy stops getting up every 3 hours to go outside.

Are you having a difficult time falling asleep. Reward yourself and fall asleep. Visit to take the pledge where you can also download fun materials such as the dreamy sleep door hanger and sleep diary!

tide downy bounce sweet dreams collection

Good night!

tide downy bounce sweet dreams collection


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