Ugly Ted Review! Raising Awareness About Our Bullying Epidemic! “Anti-Bullying Teddy Bear” Adopt Yours Today

Bullying is getting out of hand and with an increased rate of suicide among teenagers this needs to end.  As a child and tween, I was bullied.  I was a very thin child and had extremely cruel comments which would leave me in tears.  My parents would try to explain that some children find it funny to torment others and explain how hurtful this is to others.  I also had to help with my sister who was also bullied due to Down syndrome and not looking like you or I.  Many told me I would grow up and be a bully myself, absolutely not.

I cannot understand why everyone feels the need to harass children as well as adults who look different, are a different size, race, gender preference or those who have disabilities.

Ugly Ted Anti-Bullying Teddy bearBut Ugly Ted is here to help children because Ugly Ted is not a typical looking teddy bear and may possibly be deemed the world’s ugliest teddy bear, but has a heart of gold.  With his tender heart, loveable inner soul, he is just as cute as any teddy bear out there.  Being bullied; he just wants to feel accepted like the “prettier bears.”

Ugly Ted is raising awareness about this truly scary bullying epidemic in the world today.  According to the information on nearly 30 percent of students are either bullies or victims of bullying and 160,000 kids stay home from school everyday because of their fear of being bullied by other children.  Frightening and heartbreaking.  Zoe was very upset when “Ugly Ted” arrived and I told her his name.  I read why he needs a best friend and she was rather upset that anyone could treat anyone this way.   At four, she has a message for everyone who is reading this.

As you can see Ugly Ted does look different than most teddy bears, but to me he is adorable, and to Zoe his name is Beautiful Ted.  He wants love, to be accepted and cared for and with your help we can all help raise awareness.  When you purchase Ugly Ted a portion of proceeds supports various charities across the nation that helps fight bullying, cyber-bullying, child abuse and more.  Such charities include Dreamcatchers for Abused Children and the Megan Meier Foundation.

Ugly Ted Every person deserves love and nobody deserves to be teased.  Ugly Ted received his name from a bully who was downright awful to him.  He decided to stand up for himself and start his own family with others who have been through the same as him.  He was going to make this world a beautiful place!

There are free stories you can read to your children to raise awareness about bullying, a free adoption certificate and accessories.  There will be more characters in the future.

There is not anything negative I can say about this.  I hope we can really get this under control and those who bully really understand how hurtful it is.  Zoe has not left his side.  She brings him everywhere and tells the world that this is her buddy.Ugly Ted

Ugly Ted is a handmade teddy bear and tested safe for all ages.  He is only $16.99 and the stories are free.  They are educational stories teaching children how to handle the hardships of making friends, being bullied and gaining acceptance.  To learn more about him and to adopt your very own Ugly Ted teddy bear visit

Connect with Ugly Ted on Facebook and on Twitter @UglyTed

Disclosure:  Product received for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own.


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    I’m having to deal with it on a college level right now. Girls can be so caddy. There is a group of girls here that have split themselves off from a girl that was in their group. Why? I’m thinking because she doesn’t do drugs and drink. I got in the middle of it somehow because I told the large portion of them that they can’t all sit and do artwork in the back of the room. There just isn’t enough space back there. Well they went on and on about not liking this girl that they liked all first semester. So silly! I told them that they have to learn to like one another. Not everyone is going to be on the same page all the time.

    This poor girl’s mom had a heart attack and was critical in the hospital for a week. She shouldn’t have to be worried about friendships when dealing with that!

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    Oh my! Ugly Ted is truly adorable! I love him! I was bullied in elementary school – try having a name like Henrietta , kids can be mean. Luckily I had a very supportive grandmother and parents who helped me to remember to always keep my chin up. Zoe’s song is the best! How happy Ugly Ted must be to have such a good friend now!

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    I seen this and it really touched my heart. My daughter is 13 and has been bullied now for over 5 Years. Ive reached out to the school on so many attemps to get help and nothing is done. My daughter still has to deal with it because i cant afford to move. And since she needs help in some classes they have to help her i never finished school myself or i would home school her. I wish i could get this bear for her. She would really love it. She is always so sad.

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