Umi Shoes and Trek Hit The Road Sweepstakes Pledge to Pedal for a Chance at Winning Prizes

Getting outdoors with the kids is important to me as a parent as I want my kids to be active, to have fun and explore. There are so many activities to do outdoors from playing at the park, running, exploring nature to finding bugs. Yes bugs! As a mom of 2, I like that it gets my kids away from their video games, the TV and allows them unstructured play where they actually get along. With spring arriving soon (I hope), our family takes walks nightly, ride our bikes at the cemetery and walk to the store. I know from my kids faces, they are much happier when we are outdoors. This March, Umi and Trek are asking you to take a pledge in the Umi Shoes and Trek Hit the Road Sweepstakes.

umi shoes and trek hit the road sweepstakes

The Hit the road with Trek and Umi Shoes Hit the Road Sweepstakes is asking those to pledge to keep your family active this spring, by getting your family moving, getting outdoors and setting a good example.  When you make the pledge to pedal you’ll be entered to win a new Jet 20 bike and 3 pairs of Umi shoes! We all know that Umi has fabulous high quality children’s shoes and a Jet 20 Bike would be amazing. The bike features high quality materials such as dialed gearing, hand breaks, alpha aluminum frame and much more.

Join me and make the pledge!

Enter the Umi Shoes and Trek Hit the Road Sweepstakes today. Sweepstakes ends 3/24/2013 at 11:59p.m. CST and is open to US residents only.

Will you make the pledge? Psst…Umi will be providing a $100 gift card to one reader if my blog sends the most traffic, so go pledge!


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