Vapur Anti-Bottle Review!

Our family has purchased huge quantities of bottle watered at Sam’s Club in the past. It was more convenient and I love adding Crystal Light Fitness to mine. And in our minds it tasted much better than tap. Then you hear about the risks associated with bottled water, and how much bacteria can grow from it sitting around due to the chemicals in the plastic. Hmm…not at all appealing. So since the health risks of using plastic water bottles came out, our family has said NO to water bottles. Instead we fill our stainless steel water bottles with any type of liquids and off we go. I now have found a better solution, a Vapur anti-bottle. Although, it’s not really a bottle.

Vapur is completely collapsible making it great for storage as well. Just roll it up and hide in a drawer if you want. Once you add your water to it, they stand up straight. They are made from ultra-durable, FDA-approved, BPA-free polymer and are easy to clean. Just put in your dishwasher on the top rack, and take out to air dry. Pretty cool concept.

We were sent a pink and blue Vapur to review in our home and so far they are a huge hit. Who wouldn’t like a water bottle that rolls up, lays flat, yet stands up when full? Gavyn loves that he is able to carry the Vapur on his backpack when school starts, as they come with a sturdy clip.

Attach to your belt loop, bags, key chain, diaper bag, or handbag. He can now fill up this anytime he wishes, and I love that I’m able to put his name on as well, as there is a blank spot to write your name on, if you wish. I will be using school labels but use a Sharpie if you wish. You can even freeze. Just put the water inside, freeze, and keep your water cold all day. I’ve never been one to do this with my water bottles, but many do so this is great. There isn’t anything not to like about these. Vapur holds 16oz of water. They come in 5 fun colors like blue, green, pink, smoke and purple and have easy spouts with caps, making it easy for younger kids to use. Zoe loves the lift up style caps as she has difficulty with screw on caps, so she is able to enjoy her water in a Vapur as well. You can even purchase replacements for only $2.95 for a 4 pack. If you don’t like the pull up spouts you can purchase screw on caps as well.

Take a look at for more information, and lots of interesting facts on their site. They even joined the 1% For The Planet program through which they give a portion of all Vapur sales to water-related environmental causes. You know I love my companies that give back. You can purchase your Vapur bottle on Amazon or through the Vapur store for $8.95. Want to connect? Follow on twitter and facebook!

DISCLAIMER: This is a review based on my opinion only, yours may differ. I was sent the above mentioned items to help facilitate my review, no other form of compensation was received.


  1. Clueless_Mama says

    What a unique product. I love it. I hate buying bottled water, but it is so much easier on the go. I will have to check this out.

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