Veeda Tampons 100% Natural Cotton without Chemicals, Synthetics & Dyes

Products received for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own

I see and hear so many women complain about their period arriving. And I feel so awful that so many have pain, heavy bleeding and headaches. I was one of those women.  I dreaded my monthly in my teens and early 20’s.  It was absolutely horrible.

After Zoe was born, something happened and for the better. My period lasts from Wednesday-Friday, yes that is it; 2 full days with very little on the 3rd day. And my cycle is very light. I never have spotting or irregular periods. I take the pill, so know exactly when I’ll start and when it ends. But they weren’t always so nice to me. I suffered from painful cramping, very heavy bleeding and irregular cycles for so many years.

Now almost 34, I have nothing to grumble about.  Sure, I wish I didn’t have to have a monthly cycle, but it is life.  And I’ll admit I’m a major brand snob when it comes to feminine hygiene products. I’ve used the same brand since I was 15 years old, almost 20 years!

I only wear tampons and on my last day of my period I wear a panty liner. So for me to try a new brand almost 20 years after starting my monthly, well I was intimidated yet so intrigued by these words…

100% natural cotton, no chemicals, no synthetics, no dyes

This is what you’ll find with Veeda tampons. Veeda has a line applicator and applicator free tampons, free of chemicals, wood or synthetic fibers, additives and pesticides.

veeda 100% natural cotton tampons

I was sent several products to try. My first thought was YAY for plastic applicators! I loathe cardboard applicators. They arrive in a compact cardboard box with 16 tampons inside. The tampons are in a plastic wrapper, perfect for disposing of the applicator.

veeda 100% natural tampons

These tampons have an applicator that needs to be pulled up before inserting. When you remove from the wrapper, you’ll see the applicator is down.

veeda 100% natural tampons

Just pull up on the applicator, insert and go on with your regular life.

veeda 100% natural tampons

I was pleased with the comfort and softness level of the regular tampons. I only use super tampons for the first few hours of my period but these were comfortable as well. I didn’t have any leakage issues. Reliability is necessary for my active lifestyle, whether I’m running my children around, at the gym, or running errands, leakage cannot happen, and it didn’t with Veeda.

veeda natural applicator free tampons

I was also sent applicator free tampons. These were new to me and I wasn’t sure what to think. If you are not familiar, applicator free means no applicator. Veeda applicator free look like um..tampon bullets?! That’s the only way I can describe them. To use wash your hands, remove the tear strip (similar to a chewing gum package) and unwind the withdrawal string. In a comfortable position the tampon will be inserted, manually. Wash hands again once inserted.

veeda natural applicator free tampons

I wasn’t a big fan of the applicator free. This was my first time trying a tampon without an applicator and probably the last time. An applicator is just so much easier, and cleaner to me. While some may like applicator free, they weren’t for me.

Veeda natural tampons fit in with my natural lifestyle. I love that they are free from chemicals, hypoallergenic and Eco-friendly. They are small, so fit in pockets, handbags and cars with ease. You can rest assured when using Veeda products monthly that products are safe for use. They use oxygen-based cleansing agents instead of bleach. Did you know that most tampons are bleached, which eventually turns into dioxin? Dioxins are a group of TOXIC CHEMICALS, actually one of the most toxic chemicals, SCARY! And although the FDA says tampons are safe, they did say that they tested with state-of-the art testing of tampons and tampon materials, and testing has shown that dioxin levels are at or below the detectable limit. No risk to health would be expected from these trace amounts. I don’t even want a trace amount of this deadly chemical in my body, no thank you. I know for a fact I’ll be switching to Veeda based on that alone.

Have you been looking for natural tampons but don’t want to spend the money? The average natural tampon can cost up to $9.69 per box, YOU can save up to $90 a year without sacrificing comfort or health using Veeda.

And you have to read the story on why two Australian guys would start a feminine hygiene company. Yes I said two guys!

For more information on Veeda tampons visit  Veeda tampons retail from $5.50-$5.97

Stay connected with Veeda on Facebook and on Twitter @VeedaUsa


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    I use organic tampons, and I didn’t even know there were other companies (thanks for introducing me to this one!)…I too had very heavy, painful periods, and not they barely exist. I don’t mind getting them though, because it means that the possibility of having more children is there, and I love that :)

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