I Was a Victim of Identity Theft. Protect your Identity with Identity Theft Protection Services

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Our world has become an electronic world. We use so many electronics, we don’t often think about how much we use them. But think about this. From the scooters our kids ride to the cars we drive, the way we pay for groceries or a fun day out as a family. From the books we read, to the way we communicate, the music we listen to and the way we browse or work on the internet. Electronics are all around us, everywhere we turn, and it can be a terrifying thing due to one thing…identity theft.

Identity theft

Identity theft is happening and happening all too much.  There is a new victim of identity theft every three seconds and I was one of those victims.

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from my bank that my debit card had been compromised from a local business here that everyone visits; a bowling alley. If you are unaware what a compromised card means, it means that my card information was obtained from an unauthorized user. I was angry because you don’t think about it. It is my bank account that my husband’s and my money goes into so we can live. But when you’re told your card needs to be cancelled and a new one shipped as large amounts of transactions had occurred with other individuals you rethink the way you spend.

I was blessed as I didn’t have any money taken but this entire process has been long. Thanks to my bank for their quick response in cancelling my card, I may have not been as fortunate. My card was cancelled and I had to wait 7-10 business days for my new debit card. When you are without a card for that long, you recognize just how much you actually use it. Though I was lucky, many friends and family members weren’t as fortunate. My dad had over $1,200 stolen from him and is still waiting to receive those funds back through a long process. All of this over an individual or individuals taking OUR information and spending our hard earned money. Very scary stuff that makes you feel violated. This isn’t my first stint with identity theft. It happened another time with a credit card of mine where the individual paid all their bills, a senseless person that was caught. Identity theft is a real issue and it can happen to anyone, even you.

LifeLock protects you from identity theft

Identity theft is a crime and can happen with not only credit/debit cards but by someone using your name, address or even your social security card.  Now is the time to take the steps to protect your identity before it happens to you. Visit the LifeLock Site today to learn how you can safeguard your name and finances in this evolving world of electronics with LifeLock identity theft protection services.

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Have you ever been a victim of identity theft?



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