What Makes a House a Home?

This is a guest article There are so many sayings about what makes a house a home, but in reality, this means something different to everyone. A home is about making those who live in it feel calm, comfortable and safe. How those respective things are achieved varies drastically from person to person and sometimes even room to room. Creating the perfect home takes a lot of time and just as much creativity. Making a space feel just right is a very fine balance but once it’s achieved, there’s nothing more satisfying. beautiful kitchen

Family Spaces

From bed frames to kitchen cupboards, everything within a house contributes to its development as a proper home. For families, creating spaces that are versatile and stylish can prove exceptionally challenging as the balance between adult space and children’s space is blurry at the best of times. For this reason and many others kid’s bedrooms become incredibly important elements of a family home as they are some of the few spaces which are truly their own and can accommodate everything they love without any compromises.


A house can never be a home if it is more concerned with appearance than functionality. Living in a constant state of fear of anxiety that expensive items will break or heavily curated collections will move slightly out of place is no way to live. A home should fit the style and the respective needs of the family that occupies it. For families who love being in the kitchen, consider investing more money and time on kitchen furniture or items that will enhance that particular space. If you spend a lot of time tucked up in bed, investing in super soft sheets and indulgent bath accessories may mean the difference between a regular bedroom or bathroom and a proper sanctuary. Invest in what you know you will use, not in what you think you should have.


Having a family home means creating a space that reflects a style that is specific to your family. Don’t waste time or money attempting to find a style, or pay for a consultant to pick one for you, invest in pieces that you love in order to create spaces that you will make memories in. It’s important to take home decor trends with a grain of salt, because long after the Feng shui consultant has come and gone it will be you and your loved ones sitting in an empty room admiring the bonsai while sitting cross legged on the floor. Be sure to take the time to find the look and feel that best suits your own style, and not one that you think you should have. Making a house a home is an incredibly rewarding experience. Making memories in a home, going to bed with a loved one every night, laughing for hours over dinner in the kitchen or even spending nights in watching films in the family room are all important events that are made so much more meaningful in a house that truly feels like a home.


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