When To Watch Giveaway! Win a $100 HSN Gift Card!

Have you ever heard of Elliott Lucca? Well, I haven’t until recently and I must tell you they have some stylish, one of a kind handbags, clutches, and much more in any size small to large, that any woman would be proud to own and carry. And now Elliott Lucca is on HSN! Yes the home shopping network we all love to shop at for great products and designer brands! Well, I have to tell you about an amazing sweepstakes HSN has going on right now. If you head on over to www.facebook.com/myhsn you can sign up to receive when to Watch e-mails for when Elliott Lucca will be on HSN. That way you never miss the chance to shop on HSN. And if you sign up for this any time in February you will also be entered to win a $100.00 HSN gift card. They aren’t just giving away one, they are giving away one everyday. So head on over here and sign up for the when to watch giveaway and don’t miss Elliott Lucca on HSN!

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