Zinsser products for stubborn wallpaper removal!

Our bedroom was a nightmare! We had 4 layers of stubborn stuck on wallpaper. After looking online for tips on how to remove old wallpaper we tried a few. We tried our wallpaper steamer which refused to remove the old wallpaper layers. We tried a mixture of liquid fabric softener mixed with water, no chance. I then found out the best way to remove was using Zinsser PaperTiger Scoring Tool and Zinsser DIF Wallpaper Stripper . Off to Home Depot we went to purchase these items.  You can buy the kit online at HomeDepot.com

Paper Tiger is a tool which has scoring wheels which perforates the wallpaper leaving a ton of small holes in the wallpaper. It rolls around easily and you do not need to rub hard, just light pressure does the job. It was actually kinda fun using the tool.

Once we did this all over our walls, my husband added the DIF to a paint tray and rolled it onto the walls. Due to all the holes from the Paper Tiger, the stripper seeped under, which made removal a cinch. We both took a scraper and seriously it came right off. There were still some stubborn spots, but we just added a bit more of the DIF to those spots, and off they came. Once it was all removed we reapplied a thin layer of DIF to the walls, and rinsed clean with a wet sponge, and then wiped the walls all clean. We then primed and painted and our walls were like new!

If you are remodeling in anyway, and have wallpaper that will not come off I highly recommend trying both of these products. We will be using again if we come across this problem again.  Check out my entire bedroom remodel here.

DISCLAIMER: This is a product we used in our home renovation project. I did not receive product nor compensation from the company.


  1. blueviolet says

    In my last house the wallpaper in both bathrooms needed to be removed and I could NOT have done it without those very products you mentioned. It was a nightmare regardless, but those helped me SO much!

  2. Whimsical Creations says

    Looks awesome!! We used a scorer like that on ours, but vinegar and water worked fine….thankfully I only had 2 layers.

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